Hello everyone! Today is review day!


Usually I’m all for the more high-end brands but today I decided to try some of the new eyeshadows by the H&M cosmetics line, I believe the Spring/Summer collection. I’m not sure but I believe these eyeshadows cost about €3,- each. They cannot be found on the h&m website and I’m not sure whether they will be around for long. Anyway, they’re pretty affordable and have some really bright colours, so I thought, let’s try them out

The colours looked vivid and bright. I bought 4 of them. I don’t believe they have names, but I bought a warm brown tone, a purple one, a blue one and a turquoise one.


These are the swatches:


From a single swipe, without primer. These eyeshadows are very pigmented! They look a bit too powdery to me and they will sure cause one hell of a fallout, so beware. I also believe they don’t last long or ‘hatch’ alot to your skin without primer as I was able to remove them with a single swipe of toilet paper. The purple one has the least pigmentation, while the turquoise one definitely has the best.

So, a definite + for the colour payoff. For staying power I must give them a -.


And then I tried to make a look with the purple, blue and turquoise one all in one. FAIL. Absolute fail. I’m not even going to show you guys a picture of the result because of the fail. In my personal opinion, if you bring out an eyeshadow collection you should be able to mix and match, as I like to do. These eyeshadows were not blendable into each other, came on blotchy (even though I used a primer) and the colors totally mismatched. Also, as I expected: fallout! I use a brush technique to minimize fallout, which is in my case necessary as I work with loose powders so much. Didn’t seem to work this time. Because of the pigmentation, the colour stain was very hard to remove. I ended up taking it all off and trying a look with just the turquoise, as I think it’s the best of the four.

This was the result:


I hated to work with these eyeshadows and I’m probably not going to use them again. Perhaps just the turquoise. Maybe.


The Absinthe Look


Abby here 🙂

first of all I’m sorry for the absence! I had alot of trouble, got fired at my day job because they couldn’t pay me anymore, had a couple of large fairs where I had a stand for my jewellery, etc. I was terribly busy and on top of that I had an accident with my bike two weeks ago, causing my eye to look like this:

Not a pretty sight! Things started to swell alot and I haven’t been able to use eyeshadows for about two weeks.

Right now the wound is healed (though you can still see the scar) but it’s healed enough for me to be able to do another blog post.


I wanted to kick off with a rather theatrical look and my first tryout for my new burlesque act (it has an Absinthe Faery theme).

For the eyes I used Barry M. Dazzle Dust in Parrot Green, Lime Crime’s Lime Criminal and Nymph, and my favorite HEMA liquid eyeliner and kohl pencil. And of course some sparkling rhinestones that were a leftover from my dress! For the lips I used OCC’s Lip Tar in Botanical (which is a discontinued line). I must say I love the lipstick colour but the Lip Tar tends to bleed alot (and it’s hard to find a matching lip pencil, haha!). I also used a little bit of the Lip Tar in Tarred (black) for some shaping of the lips.

Necklace is made by me and currently for sale 🙂


Also with great pride I must tell you I recently purchased MAC’s Russian Red, probably one of the most famous ‘red lipsticks’ out there, used by many celebrities like Dita von Teese, Gwen Stefani, etc. I must say it was worth every penny. It is high pigmented, beautifully matte and the colour is simply gorgeous and matches every skin tone. I’ve been wearing it every day since.

This is what it looks like on me:



Annemarie her B-day look!


Today it’s the birthday of my sweet friend Annemarie and she turns 21 years old!! I know her since I was 3, so it’s a really fun/big thing for us both!

In Holland 21 isn’t such a big age like 16 or 18 are. When you are 16 you can drink and buy alcohol and you need to be 18 for stronger stuff like wodka/whiskey and buying/smoking weed, also for driving and for voting for our goverment!

So turning 21 is not life changing, but it’s still pretty something if you ask me!

It’s the age of being an official adult with all the rights and freedom a person can have.

So, on sunday Annemarie celebrated her birthday and she asked me to do her make-up for that day!

This is the look I made for her!


As you can see, she had beautifull deep brown eyes, a warm/yellow toned skin, brown hair and brown eyebrows.

What I used:

  • MAC Creme Royale
  • Make-up store deadly
  • Urban decay Naked (from the naked palette)
  • Urban Decay Half baked (from the naked palette)
  • Yellow highlighter (matte) from Make-up studio (I don’t know the name :()

What I did was using MAC Creme Royale all over her eyelid and I used Make-up store Deadly in her crease and blended it out a lot!

After all the blending I used Urban Decay Naked under her eye for some extra shadow effect.

I also used Naked to contour the top side of her nose a little (from her eyebrow down on her nose) and I blended this out so it looked natural.

I highlighted under her eyebrow with a matte yellow highlight from Make-up studio. I also used this on her cheekbone as a highlight!

And as a finishing touch I used Urban Decay half naked close to her eyelashes around her eyes for some extra golden shine that worked perfectly with her brown eyes!

I finished off the rest of the look with MAC Pinch me blush and MAC Captive lipstick.

(I admit, this is not the best and sharpest of my pictures haha, but you’ll get the idea :))


Beach time!


I love the beach, I love the sun, getting a (natural) tan and wearing my bikini.  I love surfing swimming, having fun and sexy surf-dudes.

I also love working at the beach, It’s a great atmosphere for fun, outgoing and spontaneous shoots. The results are always fun and look like they shoot be in a teenage magazine.  Even in april, when the sun isn’t warm enough for great outdoor bikini shoots.

A few weeks ago I worked together with Luigi Colantuono, a photographer I’ve worked with before. The models were Mandy from Touche Model manangement and her friend Cheyenne. This was the first shoot for Cheyenne but I think she did great. We had a lot of fun that day, despite the cold.

And some of the results:



And a backstage one from Mandy, because I like how the shape and highligh looks here:



Photographer: Luigi Colantuono

Models: Mandy and Cheyenne

Mua: Selma Tóth

MAC Immortal flower blush


– Selma –

After reading a lot about this blush I decided that I wanted it, It seemed like a shade I don’t own yet and one I needed in my life.

I really love blushers, I collect and own many of them. So this MAC Trés cheek collection made me curious!

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to travel to one of the MAC counters to pick the blush up so I hoped they would be  for sale at soon!

And the collection did, by time I discovered (yesterday) it they still had the whole collection on the website, so after doubting and doubting I just bought this one.

And thank god I decided to buy it, because when I looked today, they only had 3 blushers left (from 6). And the one I wanted (bought) was already sold out!

Today it arrived (superfast service for the win!) and I am so much in love with it!



It’s not like any of my blushers, it looks like a very subtle coral shade in the pan and on my face it’s a very natural pink-ish shade.

It’s a sheer color, very buildable, but it will never look like to much on your cheeks (so no clown effects here!)

Because I’m going out tonight I made a fast and simple look with it:


And this is what I used on my face:

  • MAC studio moisture tint in light (I wear this instead of foundation, I don’t like wearing foundation when it’s not necessary)
  • Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow (for shaping)
  • MAC studio fix  in NC25 (as setting powder)
  • Shiseido Luminizing satin face color in WT905  (it’s an almost white powder, used for highlighting)
  • MAC Strada blush (for shaping)
  • MAC Immortal flower blush

And what I used on the eyest:

  • Uban decay naked (in my crease  (I made a nude eye look)
  • Mac vanilla (on my eyelid)
  • Catrice gel eyeliner in Black Jack with Jack Black (eyeliner)
  • Clinique High impact mascara in 01 black
  • Urban Decay glide on eye pencil in zero
  • MAC Charcoal brown (for my eyebrows)

And the lips:

  • MAC Viva glam Cindi   (oh how I love this shade of lipstick!)

I hope you guys liked this and be sure to have an awsome weekend!

Finally, the first results!


– Selma –


It felt like a long time, but I got the results back faster than I hoped.
For a reminder, I went shooting with the beautifull model Rianne in Rotterdam, she was wearing some of my handmade clothes and I did her make-up.

The pic’s where taken by Lex de Kam, a dutch photographer I met trough facebook (thank you glorious facebook!)

I am absolutly stunned by the way Rianne looks, the way she looked in my clothes, combined with her poses and her plain awesomeness made me look forward to working with her again!  (I already arranged her as a model for my next small collection!)

The face products I used:

  • Kryolan Ultrafoundation in ELO
  • Kryolan Ultrafoundation in YH (for highlighting)
  • Kryolan Ultrafoundation in NB 4 (for shaping)
  • Make-up studio concealer Box 1
  • Make-up studio translucent powder
  • MAC sculpt (for contouring)
  • Make-up studio yellow highlighter (I don’t know the name, I just have the pan)
  • Mac blush baby (blusher)


For the eyes:

  • Make-up store Deadly (dark brown eyeshadow)
  • Make-up studio yellow highlighter (I don’t know the name, I just have the pan)
  • Urban Decay Naked  (nude shadowlike colour)


For the lips:

  • MAC Mahogany lip pencil
  • MAC Chili lipstick

So, let me know what you think!!

Let’s Rock ‘n Roll!


*this is Abby again*

Hello everyone!

Here is a blog post about something I’ve been dying to tell you but I wasn’t allowed to put the pictures online until recently. I participated in a lookbook photoshoot for the alternative brand Hell Bunny at my work, with fantastic photographer Jaap Broeders! Did I tell you I love my job yet? Probably a 1000 times? Well, if you missed it, let’s say it again: I LOVE my job!

Actually they only picked me as a model because some of the people they asked weren’t available that day or canceled the shoot. They needed some last-minute models and since I’m already there every day and I am a great Hell Bunny fan they decided to ask me! Yay! Hell Bunny sells alot of different clothing but what they’re most famous for is their rock ‘n roll swing dresses (at an affordable price). Since I dance rock ‘n roll style with my boyfriend and because I am a huge fan of the fifties this shoot was exactly my style: a sunny rock ‘n roll summer shoot!

I did my own makeup for this shoot as the MUA we hired had to leave early. I’m a sucker for hairstyling but I think I’ve done pretty well. I used Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse for foundation and a light brownish grey eyeshadow for in my crease just to bring out my eyes a little, of course my black Hema eyeliner and LC Candy Apple on my lips!

The weather was lovely, which is always a good thing. So after the necessary product shots we went outside to the lakeshore to take some pictures.  We managed to get hold of the two most awesome cars in the universe, a gorgeous 1957 Pontiac Firebird and a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air.  Here a BOSS picture of me on the Firebird:

I like the pic below too, though my head seems a bit thick. The navy dress is my own, I wore it that day and they asked me to model it too because otherwise they’d have to get a new one. And right now, the white petticoat is mine too! Wearing it right now, it’s so pretty! I really needed one for my rock ‘n roll dancing classes.

You can view the rest of the lookbook and order all the products displayed here: